Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

Glass bottle and pharmaceutical ampoule
Petri dish

Use case

The client
A manufacturer of diagnostics.

Its need
To monitor agar plates, their long distance transport conditions and then their storage at the end client's (temperature, humidity), and to be alerted to risks thanks to the calculation of the TOR (Temperature Out of Range). This corresponds to the continuous and cumulative calculation of temperature excursions from the start.

Our simple, turnkey solution
A single-use sensor (temperature, humidity, luminosity, shocks, location) that starts up in 5 seconds.
The QualTrack cloud platform, which enables the monitoring of the conditions of the various storage and transport operations up to delivery (air transport, road transport, final storage). By setting up alerts, the manufacturer is warned in real time of risks on the TOR.
During air transport, the IATA-compatible sensor is automatically put in "aeroplane mode" and stores the data to be transmitted when it is connected again.

They also chose Biotraq's solution

Truck on the road
A specialised carrier

A tri-temperature carrier to monitor its health products, their location and transport conditions, and receive real-time alerts in case of temperature excursions. In this way, in the event of anomalies, he can take corrective action.

Several pipettes for pharmaceutical testing
A pharmaceutical company

A pharmaceutical laboratory to monitor the storage conditions of health products in freezers (-80°C). The data collected in real time gives access to a reporting system for immediate transmission of information to the pharmacist in charge.

QualTrack, a solution

Adapted to the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries practices

Multi-factor sensors (temperature, humidity, light, shock, location) that meet the EN 12830 standard

Qualification of the Biotraq information system to industry standards

... And allowing to anticipate the future challenges and regulatory changes

To ensure the quality and reliability of the data obtained for the responsible pharmacists

Guarantee the quality of health products throughout the cold chain, from producer to end customer

Limiting avoidable losses in anticipation of more stringent cold chain regulations

Man with glasses and blue shirt

Pharmaceutical packaging

A preparator

"We were looking for a robust and practical solution for our Good Distribution Practice compliance. With the QualTrack platform and associated temperature loggers, it is very simple to monitor that the transport conditions ensure the proper preservation and integrity of the transported medicines."

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