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Use case

The client
An event caterer.

His need
To follow the prepared dishes from the central kitchen, their journey and the conformity of their transport conditions (temperature, humidity, light), until delivery.

Our simple and turnkey solution
A rechargeable sensor (temperature, luminosity, location) which starts in 5 seconds.
The QualTrack cloud platform which allows him to follow the transport conditions from the central kitchen to the final client without interruption and without human intervention (the data is sent back automatically).
By setting up alerts, the caterer is warned in real time in the event of anomalies (temperature excursions, prolonged door openings, etc.). He is also alerted as soon as the prepared dishes arrive and has instant access to an HACCP report.
The sensors used are reusable for subsequent sessions.

They also chose Biotraq's solution

Stacked containers
A fresh produce forwarder

A forwarder of fresh produce who, in the event of incidents, needs to establish the repercussions on the quality of the products and the distribution of responsibilities.
Using the Biotraq solution is a direct aid in the event of disputes (reliable data, anticipation of procedures, etc.).

Electronic circuit
An electronics manufacturer

A manufacturer of electronic materials to monitor the storage conditions, particularly humidity and light, of its products throughout its European network.
Real-time data enables it to anticipate risks (abnormal humidity levels, etc.) and secure its stocks.

QualTrack, a solution

Suitable for cold chain traceability

Multi-factor sensors (temperature, humidity, light, shock, location) that meet the EN 12830 standard

Monitoring of door openings during the transport and cold storage stages

... And allowing to anticipate future challenges and the tightening of regulations

Guaranteing the products quality throughout the cold chain, from the producer to the end customer

Maintain the confidence of all stakeholders through full logistical traceability and transparency

Limiting avoidable losses in anticipation of more stringent cold chain regulations

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Nicolas Moebel
Managing Director

"The use of Biotraq's solution adds significant value to our business. The visibility of our supply chain now allows us to reduce our financial risk, and to isolate the responsibility of all participants in the supply chain."

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