With the help of our recorders and our QualTrack platform,

You track your sensitive products

You can locate them anywhere in the world and at a distance

You control their environment (temperature, humidity, etc.)

Get real time quality risk alerts

You have reliable and transparent data in case of disputes

Diagram showing the interest of the solution proposed by Biotraq (sensors and data monitoring platform) at the scale of a global cold chain

Supervise the cold chain of your sensitive products with ease

Biotraq has developed a new generation all-in-one solution for tracking your sensitive products throughout the supply chain. It is based on connected recorders associated with our cloud platform, QualTrack.

Connected sensors

In order to monitor the cold chain of your products, we offer several types of temperature recorders. These loggers also allow you to measure other factors such as humidity, location or luminosity.

Our different ranges of sensors are perfectly adapted to meet all your needs. The recovery of the collected data is done automatically and does not require any human intervention.

QualTrack, data monitoring platform

All data collected by our sensors is transferred to our cloud platform in real time. They are stored and backed up for later use.

You can thus access all the data measured wherever you are, whenever you want, at a glance and remotely.

Visuals of the solution proposed by Biotraq: a temperature recorder, a PC screen with an image of the platform, a mobile screen with an image of the platform

For less than €1 per day

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A solution for all sectors

Various foodstuffs (fish, meat, vegetables, etc.)

Agri-food & Agriculture

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Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

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Logistics & Cold Chain

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Supervise the cold chain of your sensitive products.

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